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About The Lundquist Institute

The Lundquist Institute for Biomedical Innovation at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center is an independent non-profit biomedical research organization located in Torrance, California. If you have had your cholesterol tested, gotten a heart scan, been treated by paramedics, had your newborn tested for thyroid deficiency, or undergone surgery to repair an artery, you have benefitted from research conducted here at The Lundquist Institute. Our discoveries have prevented blindness in newborns, enabled premature infants with fragile lungs to breathe, and allowed children with hereditary diseases to grow up healthy and strong.

Our South Los Angeles Health Projects (SLAHP) unit, which was founded in 1973, provides counseling, education and support in the areas of nutrition, breastfeeding, parenting and immunization; checks for nutritious foods, and referrals to community and medical resources for pregnant women, new mothers, infants and children up to age five. They serve more than 80,000 participants each year, the vast majority of whom are Latino or African-American.

Our Options for Recovery unit, which began in 1990 during the height of the cocaine epidemic, provides and coordinates comprehensive, centralized services for alcohol and drug abusing women and their children.

Make a Difference Everyday

The Lundquist Institute employees make a difference every day! Whether they are researchers, accountants, IT professionals or administrative assistants, The Lundquist Institute employees are contributing to furthering advancements in medicine and providing needed services to our communities. We welcome individuals with the skills, desire and commitment to continue our efforts in the future. If you are interested in joining in these efforts, please search our job opportunities.

    Check Out our Benefits!

    The Lundquist Institute offers a comprehensive and competitive employee benefit program for employees and their dependents, including:

    Health Benefits

    Medical: Regular full-time employees and their dependents are provided with a choice of HMO or PPO group medical plan options, including Kaiser.

    Dental: Regular full-time employees and their dependents are provided with a choice of HMO or PPO group dental plan options, including orthodontic allowances.

    Vision: Regular full-time employees and their dependents are provided with the option of a group vision insurance plan.


    Disability: Regular full-time employees are provided with long-term disability insurance, which is fully paid for by LA BioMed. This insurance provides benefits if an employee becomes disabled due to illness, pregnancy, or injury for more than 120 days.

    Paid Time Off

    Paid Vacation: Regular full-time employees accumulate ten (10) hours of vacation per month, up to a maximum of 15 working days per year.

    Sick Pay : Regular full-time employees accumulate 6.67 hours of sick pay per month, and can accumulate up to 640 hours

    Sick Personal: Regular full-time employees can use up to forty (40) hours of sick time for personal absences

    Paid Holidays: 12 paid holidays per calendar year

    Retirement Plan

    Retirement Plan: The Lundquist Institute provides a retirement plan for eligible employees, which is fully funded by The Lundquist Institute. The Lundquist Institute makes an annual contribution based on each employee’s earnings in accordance with the provisions of the plan.

    Supplemental Retirement: Eligible employees can participate in a 403(b) supplemental retirement plan which allows pretax contributions. The Lundquist Institute offers a variety of investment options through Fidelity Investment or TIAA/CREF.

    Life Insurance

    Life Insurance: Regular full-time employees are provided with group life insurance, which is fully paid for by LA BioMed.

    Be Part of Our Legacy

    Our remarkable discoveries and the success of The Lundquist Institute is the direct result of our highly talented team of individuals. We are one of the few non-profit medical research institutes that is partnered with and located on the same campus as a prestigious community-based academic medical hospital – Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. We empower one another and strive to create an entrepreneurial work environment where you can thrive. If you can think on your feet and have a drive to succeed, start a rewarding career with The Lundquist Institute today!